December 2012! AQIS is proud to become “the organiser” of the International conference “Belgium Testing Days!.

Tbe Belgium Testing Days, a one day testing conference” started his life in 2009 where Mieke had the chance to present the opening keynote… not without  “computer-issues”. This is a story on its own.

Back to the BTD, as it is being named today, now. The conference organiser ‘Diaz & Hilterscheid” did a great job in kicking off the conference as since 2001, no international testing conference was held in Belgium.

Anno 2010, José Diaz contacted Mieke asking her if she would like to play an active role in the next BTD planned for 2011. Meaning that we would have a international conference back again in Belgium since the last Quality Week 2001.

Mieke became the program chair for the conference and AQIS the co-organiser.

As of 2011, each year is build around a theme. So we had the following themes being suggested by an outsider, who won a free conference ticket :

  • @BTD2011 : Testing driven by innovation
  • @BTD2012 : “QA versus Testing: Antagonism or Symbiosis?
  • @BTD2013 : “Breaking down the walls to boost up the business”
  • @BTD2014: “The different faces of Testing”
  • @BTD2015: “Testing – United in Diversity”
  • @BTD2016: “The Quality Shift”
  • @BTD2017 & BNTQB’s Testing Summit 2017: “Diversity in Testing”
  • @BTD2018-2019 : a welcome Sabbath year 🙂
  • @BTD2020 : a fresh new start – blocked by COVID-19 – pushing towards a “new normal”.  Just for you, materials of past conferences will be made available through the website.
  • @BTD2021 : hopefully you witness the postponed fresh start

So, over the years, the BTD or “Belgium Testing Days” grew in numbers but mainly in content, in an innovative approach and very interactive life sessions where participants are engaged to learn from each other .

Also over the years several testing conferences with the specific name  ‘Testing Days’ emerged. As we started in 2009 there where the Agile Testing Days, The Financial Testing Days and the Belgium Testing Days. Now we have more than a dozen “Testing Days”.

In 2014, we  were in the midst of preparing the BTD2015, thinking of re-branding the conference name, not its content, nor its evolution towards a unique, interactive “doing conference”.

We are now in 2015! Re-branding was final! The BTD stands now for “Business-Testing-Development” Conference aiming to enhance & excel quality in Software Products!

In 2016 & 2017, we notice that business is getting more and more involved in defining the “Quality” of a product or service. Again, we focus on “doing” and “sharing knowledge”.

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