In 2012 we were asked by one of the pioneers in IT for Insurance Companies for help with the development of their own cloud. Ergo, due to legal implications, this company had decided to provide a cloud for their brokers & partners so they can be flexible, whenever the need for documents, archive occurred – either online or offline.

We helped our customer in several areas :

  • Evaluation of the cloud software on its performance aspects, which included functional behavior under load.
  • During the development phase (Agile project for 1,5 years) : with each release we conducted performance testing to identify performance issues & due to the load, the raised functionality issues
  • Trouble shooting & helping pin-pointing the cause of issues – some flaws where very difficult to find as HW, SF & network components constantly influenced each other.
  • Monitor the go-live deployment and create 24/7 monitors
  • Knowledge transfer to their staff

Today, their “cloud” is in Production being used by thousands of brokers. It is constantly monitored, raising alarms so the teams can be proactive and react before the end-user is  affected and with every release cycle this “cloud” is checked on its functional and performance aspects.