In our day-to-day business, the performance of our websites, applications, services, HW,… becomes more & more crucial to maintain or become competitive.

Only the gain of a few seconds per page or action, can result in saving minutes of your employees, your customers, your managers time. Here “time-is-money” plays an important role.

Therefor Performance testing either pre-production or production of  applications is crucial to maintain your customer’s loyalty by fulfilling their application performance experience, enhance your employees & managers their motivation to work with your automated processes and increase the overall productivity of your business.

Performance testing can go from collecting “timings” for specific actions, to finding the thresholds and boundaries of the application or environment by implying a heavy controlled load to the systems. Often functionality, system, and security failures emerge.

AQIS consultants work together with the developing/QA & management team to find the “reason” for the delays and detect security and performance problems that have an impact on the overall end-user experience.

AQIS consultants provide the business solid information so their decision can be based on “real facts” instead of “guts feeling”.