“People don’t make the company, they are the company.”

It’s the task of a leader to inspire and motivate employees becoming the best they possibly can be for their company.
We believe it’s quite fair to say that leadership is not an easy job. People are mostly well trained in a “technical” expertise (HR, ICT, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Engineering, …), but not so often in “People Management”. After being promoted to a leading position, questions like “How do I lead people?” “How do I build trust?” “How do I inspire them to work motivated together towards the common goal?” quickly rise.
This requires a complete different mind- and skills set. Once you’re in a leading position, “people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care”. (John C. Maxwell)
Leadership is not only about what you can, but rather about who you are and what you believe in. It is about:

  • How you understand and connect to your team.
  • How you communicate, motivate and lead in an ever changing environment.
  • How you involve your employees in your vision and values and inspire them to work towards that vision.

We offer managers and leaders a growth path based on 10 core competencies and a change of mind to more effective leadership:

  • Communication    Negotiation
  • Customer service    Problem solving
  • Developing people    Raising productivity
  • Leadership    Strategic thinking
  • Managing change    Team building

By going through the Bullet Proof Manager® Program, already more than 24.000 organizations worldwide have built better teams, decreased their employee turnover, improved their customer retention, saved on costs and got a higher turnover.

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